How to create self confidence in yourself

Hi guys! I am here to talk about self confidence today, this topic is very serious. Some people out there face no issues with self confidence but some face a lot when it comes to self confidence. They just can’t step out of their comfort zone.

Now, you would be thinking that you are not among those people who have lack of self confidence. So, you might say that you don’t require any tips but this is not the case. Sometimes, you don’t even recognize that you are under confident but don’t you worry I’m here to solve your issue with just easy and really simple ways which would not only make you confident enough but also help you to overcome your inner fears. So, guys just sit back and continue reading. I assure you that you will definitely feel better after the end of this blog.

Symptoms that show that you are under confident:

  • If your posture is slightly slouched and you walk or talk facing downwards then you are under confident physically.
  • If you fear to take decisions alone or take time to decide anything serious then you are facing lack of confidence mentally.
  • If you fear to talk to a stranger or sometimes get afraid to speak to relatives or friends that means you are under confident socially.
  • If at all you have been given a project or presentation or told to give a speech and you get blank as to what you must speak or get stuck in between so that means you are under confident publicly.
  • If you are in a party and you don’t understand what to speak to the people out there and feel uncomfortable being among the less interested people in the party then you are under confident in public.

If you are suffering from all these issues discussed above and want to become a different personality with high level of confidence and attitude. So you don’t need to worry anymore because I am going to tell you about some absolutely simple solutions with minimal resources. So guys just sit back and continue reading attentively;

Solution A – Being confident physically:

Focus on your body posture:

Body posture is very essential to maintain since it brings out a very negative impact about your personality even to those who are unknown or strangers. You might have heard the famous proverb “Your first impression is the last impression”.

To build up a strong body posture, work out would be a great remedy especially those exercises that focus on abdominal and lower back muscles that directly connects to your spine and pelvis. Work out would not only enhance your posture but also keep you physically fit which would enhance your physical personality eventually showing a positive impact on others.

Second, most simple remedy is to remind yourself to walk and stand in an upright position with shoulders back right below your ears with a straight back without slouching, chest popped out and chin held high. Look yourself in the mirror and practice daily to build up a balanced upright posture not only when you are free but also you must practice it everywhere  maybe when you are at your desk, sit with an upright position or when going for an outing, walk with an upright position always.

Dress up:

Having a good dressing sense would help you to rejuvenate your personality.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

Dress up in a way that people admire you. Your dressing sense should not necessarily follow latest trends and ongoing fashion but I recommend you to do so since being in trend would enable you to be known or develop a strong personality amongst strangers or as an alternative, you can create your own fashion. Perhaps that is all your choice. I personally recommend you to dress up in a simple yet elegant and not very flashy or gaudy since when you dress up in an elegant way it creates a positive attitude and not very harsh. By elegance I mean to dress up according to the related occasion. If at all you are at work , you cannot wear casual. Hence, you need to be formally dressed. For funeral, you cannot wear something fashionable like miniskirts or an elegant gown and so on.

Body language:

Body language is an important aspect to gain self-confidence since it includes the most important physical attributes such as facial expressions, posture and eye movements.

Facial expressions include expressions that shows if you are happy, sad, frustrated, tensed, depressed. It clearly portrays the way you think directly on your face. For instance if you are happy, you would show a bright smile on your face and if you are sad, your face would be downcast or doleful, when you are excited  amused or maybe shocked you would be bug-eyed whereas if you are frustrated, angry or worried your face would slightly frown and so on.

Hence, the best remedy is to practice smiling since it enhances your body language and thereby, your self confidence. If you want quick result, I highly recommend you two essential ways which requires minimal effort and energy that includes meditation and positivism.

Yes folks! I am not kidding, meditation would develop a positive energy in you which would turn all your negatives into positives eventually making you happy and smile always and you don’t even need an entire day to meditate. You just need to spare half an hour. If you are a beginner then I would recommend you to start with 15 minutes a day since there is a possibility of you getting distracted.

Second remedy is to develop a positive attitude that is, you must think positive, talk positive, act positive. Believe me guys, it’s really simple. Firstly, if you think that what is gonna happen is not under your control and whatever happens is for your good so that would make you feel positive then why to cry or get depressed. Moreover, thinking in a positive way would frame positive words and in short, making you talk positively which would eventually contribute to your actions and thereby develop a strong positive attitude. Henceforth, positivism would strengthen a strong self confidence in you.

Body posture acts as an important role to maintain proper body language. The important remedies to maintain a good posture have been discussed earlier.

Now coming to the eye movements, eye movement usually correlates to eye contact. it includes making a direct eye contact to start a conversation or maybe to listen to the second person in an efficient way whether you are been invited to a party or say, showing up for a job interview.

Making direct eye contact with people implies a positive and confident response and shows that you are interested in the conversation.

If you are confused or thinking in a way to answer a particular question and if at all break the eye contact, do not look down. However, you may look either on your left or right since looking down would show that you are under confident. TIP: Eye contact should not be too intensive which would make the second person uncomfortable.

Solution B – Being confident mentally:

I am sure that now you would have been aware of being confident physically and wanna know the simplest techniques with minimal effort to stay confident mentally. So, not to worry guys there are some simple techniques such as meditation and challenge it.

These two are the simplest techniques. Wanna know how to follow these techniques. Here we go,


Now you would be thinking that as discussed earlier, meditation would create inner peace and positivity then how is it that it would help you make confident mentally. So guys, let me tell you that meditation not only creates inner peace and a sense of positivity but also helps to build mental strength. In other words, it helps you to control your mind and the fear hidden in your mind. It might be a little difficult to control your mind wander during the meditation process but if you just don’t give up and continuously try to focus on your breath. You will achieve a state where you will be subconscious, there will be absolutely no thoughts in your mind and thereby, would conquer your mind and build mental strength.

Challenge it:

By ‘challenge it’ I mean challenge your mind out of your comfort zone. Its simple guys sometimes, we just can’t say that what is under our control or not. At times we are the ones who under estimate our powers of mind and just give up on everything but guys you must give a try every time. Challenge yourself mentally, make your own decisions, arrive to conclusions independently, allow your mind to work and achieve your goals. Trust me guys nothing is impossible in this world. Just give it a try once.

Solution C – Being confident socially and publicly:

Being confident socially I guess would be a great challenge to introverts who like spending time alone but it isn’t so difficult guys. To be confident socially, you need to know two important techniques:

To put yourself in social situations:

If you wanna make a difference in you and be socially confident then the most foremost objective must be to challenge yourself and put yourself in different social situations. For instance, if you are at a party and getting bored. Don’t stand ideal, just approach someone and try to start a conversation like someone who might be enjoying few drinks. you can sit beside him/her ordering a drink for yourself too and simply start by saying that “Hi! I’m  Monisha. And you are?” since you are not the only one talking so you must ask open end questions to him/her. If he/she just stops after telling their name, your next question can be related to your friend who invited you to the party and may be would be busy in attending other guests at the party. For instance, you can ask about your friend “So, you know Riya? Since how long ? ” Always ask questions which demand a detailed answer rather than in a single word. Another option is to ask your friend itself to introduce you. This will make your goal half easy. So, you don’t need to start a conversation now. For example, You can simply tell them that with a bright smile “Isn’t the location quite cool, I love it? And then the conversation would keep going since the second or third person might ask you some open end questions. Remember, do not give answer in just yes/no this doesn’t mean you elaborate it and tell them lengthy stories and make proper eye contact and be a good listener when they answer your question. . And after there is a pause you can come up with an additional question like where do they live or where are they working currently or which state do they originally belong from. To get more comfortable with them you can even ask them to join the dance floor with you.

TIP: Do not consider having a conversation as your duty or job because it’s not any kind of business deal or something. There is no profit or loss. Take it easy and try to be enthusiastic and fun loving.

Be confident publicly as well:

Being confident publicly is equally important suppose, you have made many friends since you have become confident socially now maybe by following my tips 😀 and as suppose you are again been invited for a party and your friend announces your name suddenly and tells you to talk few words to guests may be about the recent accomplishment that you have achieved. There are about 40-50 guests at the party. So, ask yourself that would you be comfortable to speak in public confidently without being nervous or over excited? If the answer is no so, here are few tips to know:

To be confident publicly would not be so difficult after you be confident socially. Firstly, you must stand in front of the mirror and practice daily to speak and imagine as if you are speaking in front of 100-200 people. Secondly, if at all you have to face public by a sudden notice do not panic just walk up to the stage confidently with a correct posture then just take 3 deep breaths and get yourself comfortable with the public by just thinking that all of them are your besties and not strangers since now you are confident socially so you won’t feel strange or uncomfortable.

TIP: Do not simply start by how you achieved your accomplishment and all. First, greet all of them and then ask them with a wide smile if they are enjoying and having fun at the party and then get to the point.


Lastly, I would just say that to be confident physically, mentally, socially and publicly all that you require is your positive and friendly attitude, determination, courage to change, motivation, inspiration by others and patience.

So, guys do you feel better now? Do you think you have all these qualities that you require to be self-confident as mentioned above? So, what are you waiting for? Just go for it and in any case if you require my help or any kind of support, just mention in the comment column below. I’m here to help you always 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to create self confidence in yourself

  1. It’s so hard to gain confidence. I love these tips! I think one of the hardest things for me is being social. I usually get incredibly nervous and anxious widen talking to other people and that’s something I need to work on but I like how you said to ask your friends about their friends because honestly this is how I’ve made friends. I’ve met people through some people I already knew and we all became friends. This is an awesome tip because it’s very true!


    1. Thanks Liz, I am happy that you liked my tip and yes I had faced this issue some time ago and all that helped me to build my confidence is what I have shared. Hope to create more awareness and help people struggle. Happy Reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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