How to fight against depression

Hey! Guys are you depressed now or at any given point of time. By depression I not only mean in medical terms that is, mentally but also depression may come across you emotionally or any kind of stress that you are going through. I assure you one thing for sure that after reading this blog, if not 100% but minimum 80% it would help you to get over your depression, stress or anxiety.

Wanna know how, here you go:

  1. Exercises:

Start your day with a good work out session which should include pushups, squats, jogging or 30 minute walk, dance on your favorite song and yoga. Make exercises a routine, At first you won’t get good results but later after you make it a daily schedule it will definitely help you. Research shows that while you work out, a number of neurotransmitters are also triggered, such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, and GABA. Some of these are well-known for their role in mood control. Exercise, in fact, is one of the most effective prevention and treatment strategies for depression.

Did you know: Regular exercises creates new brain cells which eventually helps to boost memory and helps to increase focus and thereby, increase your thinking capability.

  1. Meditation:

After your exercise routine, make a routine for meditation as well because a daily meditation routine will definitely minimize depression to a great extent. Some term meditation as a breathing exercise which eliminates negative thoughts and bring you in present and reduces anxiety, stress and depression. Well, in my case meditation is not an exercise, yes it helps you to eliminate negative thoughts and reduces anxiety, stress and depression but most importantly, it also establishes a spiritual connect between you and your soul by receiving cosmic energy when you are in a subconscious state.

Cosmic energy is also known as the energy of supreme consciousness and intelligence. There are two ways of receiving cosmic energy. We all receive this energy while sleeping but often this is not sufficient to maintain the order or balance in our life. The second way of receiving cosmic energy is by practicing meditation. When you meditate, the mind and body have the tendency to become one. This helps the physical and spiritual self to receive the energy and helps in cosmic energy healing.

Meditation is too simple; you can expert it slowly when you meditate on a daily basis. You just need to find a comfortable place to sit with closed eyes, clenched fingers resting it on your crossed legs and just try to focus on your natural breathing process that is, inhaling and exhaling. If you are a beginner, it might be little difficult to concentrate because the mind wanders to distractions and brings out your inner thoughts but you must just focus on your breathing process and must feel it. Slowly, your breaths would become shorter and your thoughts would disappear and you will achieve a complete sub conscious state where you would be breathless and thoughtless and you would encounter a white light through your inner eyes that would be nothing else but cosmic energy entering in your mind and body. Thus, eliminating all negative and depressing thoughts and connecting to your spiritual self with all positive energy making you healthy and happy. I recommend practicing meditation at initial stage from 15 minutes and slowly increasing the time intervals to 30 minutes.

  1. Yoga:

Yoga is also a type of exercise which helps to relax your mind, body and soul as well as gives you physical flexibility. Research shows that yoga is a natural way to increase serotonin production. Serotonin production plays a role in the treatment of depression. Serotonin is believed to play a major role in happiness. One study also suggests people with depression have lower serotonin levels. There are some yoga poses (asanas) which help to relive depression, anxiety and stress like child pose, cobra pose, bridge pose, and legs up the wall pose, cat pose and many more. All these are basic poses which are great for beginners which would cause minimal muscle pain or cramps. Once you make a daily routine of practicing these basic poses then slowly you can try advance yoga poses which will entrance happiness with mental strength and physical flexibility in your body. All that you require is yoga mat with extremely comfortable clothes to wear which allows you for body movement as well as ease in breathing. Yoga can also be done at time duration of 30 minutes at an initial stage.

Did you know: Yoga increases your mental focus and helps you to think in a better way and builds physical capability as well as helps in mood control and creates positive outlook emotionally.

  1. Positivity:

Thinking positive can help you a lot in order to stay happy and overcome your depression, anxiety and stress. It’s absolutely simple guys, you just need to think positive in whatsoever situation and to do this just say to yourself all that happens is not under your control and whatever happens is all for your good. Moreover, getting depressed or feeling downcast will lend no solution to your problem. Accept the way it is and be happy with what you have and value it folks because we all are really lucky. They are some people out there who don’t even have eyes to read my blog at least you are luckier than them, ok I know that sounds funny but what I mean is that some unfortunate people don’t have eyes to look at this beautiful world. They don’t have home to live or food to eat but you know what those people tend to be happier than us whereas we still complain about small things. It’s because they know the value about everything and they have nothing to lose. They don’t expect much and that’s the reason they can never fall into depression because if you don’t expect much yet you get all that you deserve, it gives you immense happiness and pleasure. On the other hand, if you expect a lot and think that you deserve it. It gives you pain and sorrow if you do not get it thereby falling into the deep ocean of depression and stress.


“A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl.” — Stephan Hoeller

I guess I have told you enough about getting over your depression may it be for any cause a bit of stress which turned into depression or something serious like suffering from a disease for example cancer. Just for an instance, I want to share a small story with you about my aunt which might help you relate with my aunt. My aunt is a very positive person with full of energy and enthusiasm. She has always spread her love and kindness with whoever she met and donated half of her income to poor and needy. The only thing that she hated was to visit a doctor. She was not keeping well since 3 months. She said that she had a slight stomach pain which would go in some while. I and my family told her to visit a doctor but as usual she refused it saying that she has a small stomach infection and she is taking home treatments which will take time to respond. After 3 months, she got severe stomach pain and her eating habits were completely changed which was unbearable by my family. My mom called the ambulance and doctor discovered after some tests that she had stomach cancer and was completely shocked that my aunt thought that it was a stomach infection and was trying home treatments to recover. The most horrific news that he gave led my entire family with a sudden shock. He said that my aunt was on the last stage of stomach cancer and cannot be cured since we were too late. We all were too worried and stressed out but you know what my aunt said “I told you doctors are of no use, they just know to earn money by doing nothing”. She was as happy as before as if nothing had happened. Even after repeatedly vomiting, she just kept saying to herself with a big smile that I’m not going to leave this beautiful world so early and did not even change her exercise  and meditation routine. She was so confident and so positive about her life that even god couldn’t take her life. Sounds weird right but this is the truth guys, after doctor declared that she cannot survive more than 3 months. She is actually living a healthy and happy life now. Her will power was so strong that even death couldn’t take over her.

Last but not the least, through this story just wanna tell you guys that if my aunt who has crossed 70 can be still healthy and happy with a positive outlook over life then why can’t you. I hope that my personal story would have inspired you to fight against your depression and get over it and stay happy always because life is too short to even get depressed or stressed out.

If you liked my post, share me your views and opinions. It would be great if you could share your personal experiences as to how you got over your depression if at all you went through it at any given point of time or are currently suffering through depression, anxiety or stress. Happy Reading  🙂


4 thoughts on “How to fight against depression

  1. Yoga has been such a huge part of my recovery from deppression – I discovered yoga with Adriene 2 years ago and since then I have been growing my practice. Also, a very useful change Has been in terms of diet – it might seem unconsequential but it really made a difference.
    Thanks for the post and best wishes!


  2. I love your tips! I think this is super important for all of us because we all go through tough times and we need relieve. I love the story with your aunt, it’s so unbelievable. I wish I had that kind of attitude! She sounds incredibly brave and strong. Being positive is so important to helping you get through your depression.

    The one thing that helped me was blogging. Writing means everything to me. I can express my feelings and not care what anyone else thinks. Sometimes we need a place to rant our feelings, it’s such a relief. Focus on the things you love to do and not on the negatives.


    1. Thanks a lot. Yes, that’s absolutely true we all go through tough times and if we think positive always, nothing can let us down. I’m happy that you are inspired by my aunt’s attitude and not only my aunt. I have discovered many situations where medical science had just gave up, the people had fought their illness with their strong will power and positive energy to never give up. I guess, I share the same interest like yours. Apart from positivity, meditation, yoga which I had started few years ago. earlier, when I got stressed out, I always chose to write my feelings in my personal diary. I know that sounds a bit childish but that was the early me and now I’m a stress free and happy person so I love sharing my happy and inspirational thoughts here 🙂

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