Follow your passion

Are you passionate to achieve something great and are facing struggles or problems in your way or you wanna achieve something great but can’t find the right path to go ahead and are struggling in order to know your true passion? Can’t find an answer to both of these questions? Don’t worry folks because in today’s blog I’m gonna answer both of these questions. So, just relax, stay calm and read it with a big smile on your face.

Now, Most of you would be shockingly thinking that people out there are passionate to achieve something great but how can someone not know their true passion. In the rush of leading better lives, we just either follow others and get a graduation and search a decent job which gives a good standard of living but at times we fail to understand that just the right education and a permanent job is not enough to lead a happy life. Ask yourself today; are you happy with your career? Do you happily go to your office or shop in the morning or is it just to earn money that you work there? If your answer is NO f to the first question then you need to search your passion or I would just say that you just need to change your track because if not now then never can you lead a happy life. The choice is all yours.

Below, I have mentioned five essential tips which might help you to either find your true passion or following it: 

  1. Meditation:

In all of my blogs, I have spoken lots about meditation and its ever increasing benefits whether it is personally or professionally. If you are passionate about something great to achieve then, a daily meditation routine would help your passion to be stronger and less hard to achieve it. You just need to meditate starting from a 10 minute trial at initial level and trust me guys you will experience something really different and unusual. You will actually start loving yourself and your passion. On the other hand, if you are struggling to find your true passion then, meditation will not only help you to find your goals but also achieve it because when you meditate, you actually get to know yourself and as you continue to practice meditation on daily basis your mind slowly understands that what are you good at and which of your talents have that X factor which can take you through a long way of success.

  1. Believe in yourself:

The most important fact to understand is to have a strong belief in you. If you are passionate about achieving something great but are not confident enough that means you don’t have belief in yourself. Nothing is impossible guys; the word itself says I’m possible. You must understand that in order to follow your passion and chase your dreams you must say and believe the fact that you can do it. In other case, if you wanna find your true passion and got to know yourself through meditation but are not confident about yourself if you can achieve it and don’t wanna risk it. In that case it’s very important to trust yourself and your passion and just make it happen with full dedication and hard work and at the same time continue the meditation routine which will always give you the positive energy to stay focused and thrive for success.

  1. Money isn’t everything:

For me, money isn’t everything what matters is the true happiness which cannot be measured in terms of money. By this, I just mean that money is obviously important to survive in this world but should not be the sole important reason to decide or follow your passion. Let’s take a small instance, if you have a dream of becoming a wildlife photographer but you are confused because it is your dream but at the same time you feel that you would be paid less or won’t have a luxurious life. Don’t think over just go for it because money can’t buy you the happiness that you deserve. If you become a wildlife photographer, you might not have a bungalow to live but at least you will be having a peaceful home to reside in. You might not own a BMW or Mercedes Benz but at least travel happily in a Lexus or Toyota. You might not have a splendid dinner in an expensive restaurant every week but at least can have it once a month. Therefore, money can lead you a luxurious life but not a happy life. The choice is yours.

  1. Family issues:

I have researched about the problems that most people face while following their passion or after they find their true passion. One of the problems includes the family issues. The family members or relatives in some cases don’t understand your passion. In most cases, what matters for the family members and relatives are the monetary benefits and reputation and sometimes even narrow minded mentality which may have a negative impact towards fulfilling your dreams and following your passion. Let’s take an example, if you wanna be a dance choreographer and your family doesn’t support you because of two reasons. Firstly, that they think that the income won’t be consistent and second that they may have this narrow minded mentality that performing or choreographing others is not a decent job and they are feared as to what their relatives or neighbours would think about their children or family members. So, In order to resolve your family issue, you must sit with your family and explain them your dream and true passion and make them believe where your true happiness lies and that’s what the parents consider about their child’s happiness. You must not only explain them but also ask them to give you some time to prove it that you can do really well and make them feel proud.


Last but not the least, I would just say that if you follow your passion by these five essential tips it will really help you to give yourself an identity and enlighten your future bright and thus, leading a happy life.

“If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.” —Mia Hamm

If you guys liked my post and agree with all my statements then share me your views. Happy Reading 🙂



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