Tough times+Trust+Positivity = Good times+Smile


Hello folks!! I’m here today to discuss something interesting, I’ve actually come up with some Math Fun a simple formula as mentioned above which would solve any problem within the snap of a finger. Everyone in this world had or has tough times in life but you can easily convert it into good times if you trust yourself and almighty and believe in the positive fact that it had to happen and all happens for good.

I have listed two of the important formulas which if you remember it in your daily life; it will make a great difference and will help you to lead a happy life.

Problems Happiness

Problems are always directly proportional to happiness. You need to understand the fact that problems and solution come in a pair. Problem arises first and then after your increased efforts you  arrive to the solution and of course you must have some patience, faith, trust and positivity in order to arrive to the solution. Happiness cannot arise before the problem and did you ever tried to figure out why does this happen always? I’ll tell you guys, it’s because if we get all that we want so easily then we won’t value it that much because when you have something with you, you take it for granted and when that thing is lost or goes away that is when we realize the true value and importance of it in both cases whether it is a thing or human.

Let’s take an example, a friend of mine had bought a I pad two weeks ago in offer which cost him DHS.1300/- after three months of non-stop research. He was on the top of the world since then. He was over confident about his I pad and as a result used it roughly. Thereby, he did not bother to buy a case and guess what? Last week itself, when he was just going to insert the charging cable to the port it just slipped from his hand and fell straight to the ground with the screen touching the ground. He picked it up so casually as if a toy fell from his hand but was completely shocked seeing the screen which was completely cracked. However, the display was working but it was impossible to use it in that miserable condition. When he went to the official apple customer care, they said that apple does not repair they can just replace it for him and asked him to pay DHS. 1100/- it was such a shock for him since he couldn’t afford it and that’s the reason he bought it in offer but now he had no other option but to pay the amount. You won’t believe the difference in his attitude after that incident, he was now happier than before to get a new I pad and valued it like a rare precious diamond.

I hope now after this example, you might be able to connect my words with you.

Good moments + Bad moments = Success/goals

You and me, we all experience good and bad moments in life. Good moments give you pleasure and happiness while bad moments give you lessons to learn from your mistakes. Both of them give you lots of unforgettable memories. Sometimes, we think that only good moments should be the part of our life and bad moments should be just eliminated from our life. Well, let me tell you that good moments can be a sense of appreciation and make you feel confident but it doesn’t challenge you to step out of the comfort zone that’s what, our bad moments do. They actually make us tough and challenge us to try something new either by choice or by helplessness. Moreover, when good moments and bad moments combine in our struggle of achieving success, we fulfill our dreams. So, remember if you are having many struggles in fulfilling your dreams that does not mean it is the end. In fact, that means you are close to your dreams so just smile at your struggles and face it with great patience and positivity.


Last but not the least; I wanna share with you an essential truth which I’m sure many of you are not aware of. Everything in this world whether it is a good experience or bad, it all happens for a reason and it is actually interlinked with the true meaning of our life. In other words, god creates all situations big or small in our life which has a meaning behind all situations. Suppose if you meet a friend today that friend would be a great help of yours now or maybe in a future. In case if you had a break up, your boyfriend or girlfriend actually taught you an important lesson indirectly which was very important in order to help you to lead a happy life. Whatever happens whether good or bad, it’s all for a good cause. However, if something bad happens it gives pain and suffering but at the same time teaches you an important lesson.So, just pat your heart with your right hand and say it to yourself always that all is good and all will be good.

Do you agree with my formula for fulfilling dreams? If so share me your views and experiences if you had any.



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