Anger Management

Do you face anger issues? Do you get violent in actions or words? Do you get so aggressive that you speak something to someone which is really rude? Do you take out your frustration on someone else even if they are not part of it?

If your answer is yes to any one or all of the questions mentioned above then you are at the right place. Today, I’m gonna tell you that how your anger issues can affect you and your behavior and the simplest ways to control it before it controls you.

Your anger issues can affect you and your behavior in the following ways:


Your anger issues can affect your mind to a great extent. You might be right there physically but due to the anger properties you won’t be able to get peace of mind. Moreover, the frustration would reduce your thinking capability and thus implementing less matured decisions.


Your anger issues can affect your social behavior in the ways like your mood swings which shall irritate your fellow beings. You also tend to take out your frustration on others even if they are not part of it. This is because when you can’t figure out what is going wrong in your life you tend to get angry on the simplest things.

In health terms:

Your anger issues can lead to intense depression issues which can result to many health problems and diseases sometimes, even when your anger is minimal.

These are just few topics that I have discussed above where your anger issues that affects you drastically. There are many more disadvantages where anger can be the reason of negative atmosphere all together.

Wanna know how to control or manage anger in the simplest ways? Here you go,

The simplest ways which I’m gonna discuss with you will not only help you for anger management but also give you a permanent solution to your frequent irritated and frustrated moods.

Practice these steps daily:

  1. Meditation:

Meditation is a cost free treatment which gives your life time benefits that too by just sitting or say mentally relaxing. Like how, you physically get tired after you come from work and until you don’t rest for some while your body turns out to be lethargic. In the same way, when there is too much work for the mind that is, excessive thinking process so the mind gets too much worked up that is why, the frustration and anger issue arises due to the tiredness of our mind.

So, guys to relax your mind and calm yourself just find a quiet place, sit down with crossed legs and clenched fingers, close your eyes and try to focus on your natural breaths. Do not think anything just focus on your breaths.  All your thoughts will come in your mind and distract you but if you just focus on your breaths you will slowly become thoughtless and breathless and thereby achieve a subconscious state. Thereafter, all the positive energy would fill in your mind and increase your thinking capability with more ideas, more creativity and obviously will eliminate anger issues permanently.

So, practice this step daily and see the difference for yourself. I recommend you to practice this step at morning time when your anger would be minimal so that you can easily focus during meditation and morning time is the fresh beginning of the day ahead of you.

  1. Positivity:

Positivity is an important aspect for permanent solution of anger issues. All you need to do is to stay positive always. Whatever happens in this world is not under your control so why to get angry and be unhappy just say to yourself every morning that all happens for good and everything is going well and everything will go well in future. So, guys let’s play a game just challenge yourself to stay positive only for 5 days. For 5 days whatever good or bad happens, your task is to think good and repeat that phrase every time which I just told you now. After this experiment you would have a question that why does positivity works so well for anger management I’ll tell you guys it’s because when you think positive and develop a positive attitude in your mind it will definitely reflect in your words thereby, you will talk positive and if you talk positive there is absolutely no space for anger or frustration.

And yes, please do share me your views after winning or losing in this interesting game but 99.9% I’m confident that you will win for sure.

These were the two steps which must be practiced on daily basis which will give you the permanent solution for anger issues. Now, I will discuss with you some interesting remedies which will help you to calm yourself if you are in a situation where your anger is on the peak and you just don’t have any control over it.

Wanna know how? Here you go,

  • Back counting:

One of the simplest remedy is back counting. However, it’s somewhat funny but let me tell you folks this really works. C’mon people it’s worth a try. All you need to do is count backwards when you are in an angry or frustrated mood. I know during that situation it is quite difficult to try out this remedy but just try once because I know that this remedy will definitely calm you down. Count from 15 to 0 if you are in a mild angry mood and if in extensive angry mood try counting from 30 to 15.

Do share me your views if this remedy worked out or no.

  •  Hogging:

Hogging also may sound funny to you but it really works because hogging will actually distract your mind to something else thereby, changing your mood.  If you are angry and wanna control it hogging would help you a lot. By hogging I don’t mean eating anything you want. You must eat healthy food because if you eat junk or oily food that will make you even more restless whereas if you eat healthy it will not only calm you down but also will make you more energized and active.

For example: while you are angry you can have a bunch of dry fruits or a bowl of cornflakes and milk. I would highly recommend to have chocolate in the situation when your anger is at the peak though I know that chocolate is not healthy always but I feel that too much chocolates is not healthy so just don’t worry because Chocolate can help prevent people behaving in a grumpy manner due to a key ingredient that stimulates the release of a “feel-good” chemical, research shows.

Research has found that the high content of a substance called tryptophan in chocolate is crucial to its ability to make us feel better.

Tryptophan, an amino acid, is used by the body to manufacture the chemical serotonin, which carries messages between brain cells to help regulate emotions.

Serotonin has become known as a “feel-good” chemical because low levels have been linked to bad temper.

The only way to get tryptophan is through diet and some foods are a particularly rich source, notably chocolate.

Ok now enough of science knowledge, let’s move on to the next interesting remedy;

  • Breathing exercises:

Breathing exercises will help you a lot. By breathing exercise I don’t exactly mean meditation because when you are in a situation where your anger is controlling you then obviously you won’t be able to control your mind and soul by doing meditation. To control your anger all you need to do is close your eyes, breath in and feel the breath going in and then exhale. Just repeat this 3 times or more if you feel comfortable. Believe me friends it works. Your anger will just disappear within a snap of a finger.

Breathing exercises help you to control your anger because it slows your heart rate to more normal levels.

  • Sleep on time:

Sleeping on time is very essential for anger management. Research shows that when you sleep your body and mind rests thereby replenishing itself. Hence, 8 hours sleep is necessary for our body to relax and mind to rest. So guys, just experiment for yourself whenever your mood is not good and you are angry just go to sleep and wake up straight in morning. I assure you guys you will feel much better.

Sleeping on time not only helps for anger management but also keeps you active and happy all day.

There is a famous saying, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Note: If at all you are suffering from serious anger issues please visit your doctor for medical assistance.

If you liked the tips and remedies for anger management that I have shared with you do share me your views. Thanks in advance. Happy reading 🙂



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