A Young Writer Needs Your Help !!!

Hello, everyone. Sorry guys, I have not been interacted with you guys for quite some while since I was busy counseling a friend of mine who is deeply depressed by the issues happening in her life. As you all know, I’m a helpful person who will always offer a helping hand even to an enemy to save him/her from falling into the den of darkness and so does my blog aim at. Today, I’m not gonna tell you tips to fight depression or strategies to get success in life. Instead, I wanna ask your help. Yes, you have read it right I need your help for my friend who is in pain and I know; you too will not let someone fall into the den of darkness.

Now, let me narrate you this story in a bit more detail, last week I visited temple like how I usually visit it on every Tuesday in a week. There are two separate group segments on the either side of the hall comprising men and women. Last week, when I visited temple, There were religious prayers reciting  just when I realized besides me a girl was sitting; her head bowed downside towards her feet almost looked a sort of my age. Not only was her head bowed downside but I could see big droplets of water on her feet which were fallen right through her invisible eyes which were hidden behind her Rapunzel looking like hairs. I whispered in her ears asking her the reason of weeping. In response, she just nodded meaning to say no, nothing but how could I just stay quiet about someone who is weeping besides me and I don’t even know the reason about it. I was so curious about it that I thought of following her after the religious ceremony ends at the temple. I stuck to my plan and kept following her after the ceremony ended.  After, a 5 minute walk she suddenly turned back and got startled looking at me. Before she fire me with her thunderstorm words I overrode her and told her that I wanna know the problem and willingly wanna help her so she just hugged me tight and started to weep again.

She began her story by saying that she wanted to become a writer; actually a  fiction novelist but had some issues which shall never allow her to fulfill her aspiring dreams. She said that firstly, she has brain tumor. The moment she said that my mouth was wide open in shock. I mean a girl who has tumor in her brain is thinking of writing a book. Anyway, she continued saying about the second reason of her sadness that was her parents, who would never allow her to enter the writing career because they think that writing neither gives a regular income nor does it promise a profitable return. Moreover, they say that at this end stage of her life she should spend time with her family. Even if she gets success and publishes her book and if people appreciate it anyway she won’t be alive to hear the appreciation and on the other end,  if the book does not give her success she would simply waste time, energy and effort which were too precious for her and them. When I asked her that is there any reason to take such a big risk, she said that the most important reason to write a book which she wants to be successful was that at the beginning of teenage she had promised her parents to make them feel proud and create an identity of her own since it is better to see off the world with a decent name rather than going nameless. Apart, from that she told me that she was really not sure if her vocabulary and grammar was OK and the words that she would choose for her book would definitely be quite simple and not very high-tech or used in advanced level of English. Actually, frankly speaking in all of my blogs, even I used the words in simple English and not very advanced.

Anyway, she continued and said that she wants to be the best writer and wants people to positively appreciate it but on the other side she loved her parents and dint wanted to go against them at the same time, she was not too confident that her writing career would be successful with her weak grammar and vocabulary even if she had convinced her mom dad. Moreover, she wanted to earn money for her operation through her own efforts and hard work rather than depending on her parents and being a burden on them.

After I heard that, there were tears in my eyes; only one question came out of my heart that was to god that why such beautiful people had to leave this beautiful place with absolutely no fault of theirs.

So, guys, do you think she should quietly obey her parents and her instincts and skip her dream or should she chase her dream and convince her mom, dad by proving them wrong and earning good as well as writing a good book with absolutely simple English.

After she completed her story, I told her that even I write in simple English and my grammar too is not that cool but I never underestimate myself. In spite of my not so good English, I write blogs and I enjoy writing it and till now, no one has criticized me for any of my writings and till now I continue to learn more and more by reading more books and improving my language, vocab, grammar.

What do you guys think? Can my friend write a book with a simple language and lead success. Can she generate a good income to impress her parents? What should she do to improve her vocab and grammar in less time? Will she win the hearts of millions of readers in such a less time? Share me your views 😮


4 thoughts on “A Young Writer Needs Your Help !!!

  1. What an incredible post today! This story is really sad but I’m glad you told her to follow her dreams instead of listening to her parents. I have to completely agree with you. I think that she should definitely write her book. Honestly, then grammar isn’t the most important aspect. I’ve even read professional books that professional editors worked on and they still have grammatical issues. The content of the book is so much more important. A good story sells. She should write to the best of her abilities. I really do wish she sticks to her dream despite the difficulties!

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