Life Is Like A Movie


Life is like a short movie which includes different characters as required for different scenes.

Some sections of movie have emotions of happiness and joy and others have emotions of sad and sorrows.

Some characters play an important role in the movie but are only there for few scenes. However, are remembered in the rest of the movie for their brilliant work performed in the movie.

There is always a director in the movie that can be termed as god, The Almighty who directs the right and wrong and shows the path to light.

The producers of the movie can be named as mom and dad who take all the expenses so that the movie turns out to be successful.

There is always a co-actor too introduced at different stages accordingly in every movie. They can be named as life partners who promise to be together in whatsoever situation.

The writers of the movie can be named as our fate which is written before our birth though some great actors perform differently to the written script.

There are supporting actors and villains as well who can be named as our friends and enemies.

Yet, the climax of the movie is different in all movies. Some have a sad ending, others have a happy ending.

Everyone in this world wants their movie to be super hit so that so that the audience remembers it even after years of the release. Everyone wishes to have a happy ending rather than a sad ending but some scripts demand so.

So, guys does your movie an interesting story to watch? I’m sure you might have some unique and fascinating twists and turns. So, common people share me your movie story in Hollywood or Bollywood style. So, let’s create some fun in the comment section below and don’t forget to mention the title of the movie.

Roll Camera Action……


3 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Movie

  1. A very diverse blog! Loving your compilation of different types of writings presented on your blog! The original taste of each post is prominent, I could literally feel that you are convey a certain message across with your words. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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