Look at the Naturally Created Beauty!!

There were mountains up high staring at me as though showing off for having it’s head as high to touch the blue sky;

In protest, the big dark clouds smilingly covered the tips of its head beneath their shade which suddenly cut through middle by the colorful birds with the flattering of wings they just disappeared beneath the shade of dark clouds which were not so high.

I continued staring at the nearly invisible mountains which were hidden behind the dark clouds whose color was changed and slowly to my notice, the color of the sky changed as well;

The color of sky was extremely beautiful. It was a mix of red and yellowish due to the rays of the sun which was dropping on the mountains coming from beneath the clouds seemed like the cracked egg shell.

The sun was partly visible as though hugging the clouds to take over its heat and shower the coolness to the world and spread the waves of peace and harmony;

Everything seemed so peaceful. A sense of accomplishment ran inside me. I just felt for a moment to stop the time and just pause in the race of life and feel the nature beauty in a glee.

So, guys through this short poem I just wanna tell you guys to switch a pause button onto your busy lives and just stand where you are and admire the natural beauty, forget about past and don’t think about future. Just live today, look at the stress free waterfalls how beautiful it looks in spite of being colorless. Look at the high mountains how high they look cutting through the clouds but still touching their root at the ground. Look at the powerful relationship of clouds who gives coolness and sun who gives heat; when it’s the time of summers, the clouds clear the sky for the sun rays to conquer the world by its heat while during winters the sun hides behind the clouds to let the clouds shower its coolness to the world. Whenever I look this phenomenal beauty I just get so amazed and moved by the God’s creation. There is so much to learn from these natural wonders which look much accomplished and self-satisfactory than us.   

Do you agree with me guys? Tell me your views below in the comment section.



3 thoughts on “Look at the Naturally Created Beauty!!

  1. I completely agree! There is so much natural beauty on this earth that often goes unnoticed. We tend to take it for granted for countless reasons but the fact that everything here was created which such perfection is amazing. I love car rides because they really help you see the true beauty of this earth.

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