Trust Your Instinct

Since my childhood, I have got some good instincts and some bad. Its a very unusual feeling. Good instincts increases my heart rate and makes me feel more fresh and active. Everything around seems so cool while bad instincts increase my heart rate extensively and make me feel restless and frustrated. I first thought that it was a health issue and went for a body check up but the doctor said that everything was normal. My parents couldn’t understand the real cause of my behavior. When I turned an adolescent I realized that each time i get a good or bad instinct something good or bad happens in real life as well which was very shocking for me to believe but i had to believe when my mom explained to me that everyone has a inner conscious who tells what is right or wrong and also indicates us if  there is any mishap going to take place in the near future. Yes guys, you have read it right our inner conscious tells us everything i can sense it. I know you might be thinking that inner conscious does not guide everyone but that isn’t true. Everyone has a inner voice which very less people are able to listen because some people are just so busy in their lives in their own noisy and polluted world that they overlook their inner voice and are unable to sense it. People who are at peace are usually connected with their heart and soul and hence, are able to listen their strong instincts and are able to follow their hearts.

Just want to conclude by saying  that we must keep our mind relaxed and peaceful which will allow us to listen our inner voice; our instincts. Not only should we listen to our inner voice but trust that gut feeling of ours.keep-calm-and-trust-your-instincts

via Daily Prompt: Instinct


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