Being Fearless



Hey folks, Fear kills! Let me explain you in more detail,

Are you dissatisfied with what is happening around you or I would say rather that everything is going perfect but you are not extremely happy about it. Din get it? Okay let me make it simpler.

For example, you had always dreamt of being a HR executive. You tried for it hard but dint get through and during the twentieth interview, the recruiter selects you and after hearing that great news, you din’t have control over your happiness but all of a sudden the recruiter informs you that he has selected you to work in the company but not as a HR executive. The position offered is for imports assistant and the recruiter then motivates you to opt for this position since its best for you and tells you that the memory required and the patience level required for the position is all there in you and as far as the  role for HR is considered that’s in high demand all over the market and it’s the matter of reference always when something is in high demand & since you don’t have enough reference, so he cannot place you for HR. The recruiter adds that he would highly recommend you to change your choice of mind because it is just not good for you and tells you “ If you go in some other company for a position like getting in imports department they would ask you for a qualified degree or any experience related to the job position and here in we are giving you complete training for this position offering  you a salary higher than your expectation while if you reject this aspiring opportunity, there are still many candidates waiting outside the room, obviously less compared to HR role but anyone would be ready to work in this growing field and growing company with good salary package. It’s all your decision to decide your career. So, think over again and here is my card. You can call me and tell me your final decision by tomorrow morning before 12pm or else you might lose this aspiring opportunity”. You eventually don’t sleep the whole night thinking only one thing that whether you should join the company and get recruited in imports department which has a good salary package, all the benefits that you deserve. After struggling for about 3 years, you finally are getting the opportunity to grow but at the cost of sacrificing your dreams. You get negative vibes that what if the recruiter wants to fill the position and so he was motivating you to work in imports department and what if you are unable to stand at his expectations after joining his company. And finally after 12 hours of surmising constantly you reach to a conclusion to take up the job and at least give it a try. So you enroll for the position and after 3 month or so you realize that the job role is not satisfactory and you just can’t handle the work pressure. Due to the work pressure, you end up making variety of blunders which eventually pisses off your seniors and the problem lies here is that you can’t resign before 2 years of completion of the contract.  Now, you think it’s the end of your life because you have to waste two years of your quality time.

And do you know why you ended up in this situation because of the fear factor. The fear of missing the opportunity of getting employed, the greed of at least receiving a decent amount of salary. The fear of never getting through your dream job. After taking up the job, the fear of performing well in the field which you are unaware of. This fear killed you to sacrifice your dreams but guys let me tell you one thing it’s never too late to begin over.  Even after you have fallen for the trap of your recruiter its not the end of your life because there is a solution to every problem. There is nothing wrong in learning something new. However, you face a lot of problems in beginning since everything seems to be complicated until you master everything.

So guys, I just gave you an example to just make you understand one thing that even if your path towards success is full of challenges. You must face it with courage even if it doesn’t relate to your dream or success because you never know if tomorrow it may take you towards your success. So, don’t worry because without even speaking a word, the almighty can sense your mission and his plan is better than yours because he knows your capabilities better than you do. So, work hard to achieve your goals and just leave the rest to him.

I would explain you other way round as well, if you are performing a job role which makes you unhappy and depressed but you are ready to perform for the sake of receiving a good salary package then be strong enough to say a goodbye because if you don’t enjoy what you do its like swimming in the opposite direction of the deep blue ocean.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” – Nelson Mandela


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